Month: February 2015


Recently I have been at consultations, and find over grown or over watered lavender plants.  The over grown lavenders look massive and woody.  The over watered look brown, brittle and very sad.  Since we live in a Mediterranean climate, lavender does well here but only if given proper care.  Taking care to place your lavender […]

The California Poppy Show begins

Eschscholzia californica or our beloved California Poppy is making it’s stage debut on a hillside or open field near you!  These beautiful California natives are a staple on our beautiful dry hillsides and should be a reminder that beauty doesn’t mean lots of water.  You can incorporate a lovely California Poppy or twenty into your […]

Garden Inspiration

It is always lovely to take a trip, and when I can combine a wonderful journey with some Garden Inspiration I am always happy.  Last weekend my husband and I took a trip to Santa Barbara, and of course there is a plethora of Garden Inspiration all around. I wanted to share a wonderful place […]

Gardening Tasks for February in Southern California

It is February and time to start on your list Gardening Tasks for February in Southern California.  This is a wonderful month in our part of the country, we have plenty of gardening tasks for February to take care of and usually plenty of beautiful weather to enjoy doing them in. Don’t forget if you […]