Loropetalum chinense, Euriobotrya deflexa, Photinia fraaserii

Like a little more color in your life?  There are plants whose leaves have new growth in red and burgundy and others that remain red all year.  If you want to learn more about how to make your garden your own sanctuary think about giving me a call at 661-917-3521.

Eschscholzia Californica and ...

my exciting Dendromecon Rigida find… in the wash near my house! If you would like to add some beautiful, waterwise California Natives to your garden consider giving me a call at 661-917-3521.

native plants

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client review

“We wanted to reduce water usage while protecting the environment. Julie worked with me to plan a beautiful yard—without grass, incorporating our existing plants and adding a drought-tolerant selection that encouraged frequent visits by birds, bees, and butterflies, and enrich the soil. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her services.” — Diane T., Los Angeles, CA