Month: February 2011

Cold Weather Warning for Southern California

There is a cold weather warning in effect for Southern California, starting tomorrow 2/25/11 and extending through the weekend. They are saying that this is going to be the coldest it has been in years and if you thought 2007 was cold… it might snow as low as 1,000 feet (that means it could be […]

How to Care for Dodonaea (Hopseed Bush)

When it comes to finding a low care, low water, versatile evergreen shrub for the sun, you can look no further than the Dodonaea or Hopseed Bush. You can find it in both a green variety, and a purple variety, so it will fit in with many color schemes. The plant as a pretty, long […]

What To Do In Your Southern California Garden In February

No matter how long I live in Southern California February never fails to amaze me – I spent many slushy, cold Februarys in New York so the clear blue skies, sultry breezes, and puffy white clouds of Southern California are such a gift. I don’t have to wear boots or rubber shoe covers every day. […]