Plant Selection is one of my ultimate favorite ways to spend the day, this is especially true when I am shopping for clients who I feel a part of, and know that I will be adding to the landscape of their dreams. On a particularly beautiful spring day in the Santa Clarita Valley, I headed […]

How to Care for Day Lily Plants

Well-established Day lily clumps can produce as many as 400 flowers in a single season. Day lily plants can produce blooms for 30–40 days between early and late summer. By using repeat bloomers and by planting several different cultivars you can have beautiful color spring through summer. There are literally hundreds of different types of […]

How to Choose Mulch

Decide to mulch. Here are a few reasons that you might want to mulch: Mulch holds in soil moistureMulch prevents soil temperature fluctuationMulch protects plant roots from coldMulch protects plant roots from heatMulch prevents weeds from germinating and growingMulch can add nutrition to your soil Mulch protects the temperature of the soil, so plants can […]


Julie Molinare – Landscape Designer. After years in the rat race of Corporate America, the economy and family sent me back to school to find my true calling. Graduating with Honors from California State University at Northridge, Landscape Design Extension Program in 2003; I have begun my journey into the backyards of my community. I […]