Gardening in October

Crape Myrtle Sky

Gardening in October in Southern California can be amazing.  By the end of the month it should be cooling down and you can take your time to help enrich the soil and enjoy the plants.  Don’t forget to pray that we won’t have a bad Santa Ana (wind) season.

Here is your list of tasks to do while Gardening in October.  Along with the list, be sure to think about preparing for the wet Santa Ana Season we all hope to have.  Creating rain gardens, buying a rain barrel or two, building up the soil with sheet mulching to turn your garden into a sponge are all great tasks to add to your list.

Gardening in  Southern California can be a chore in the hot hot summer, so remember we’re on the easy end of this thing now – November December and on into the cooler months will be spectacular.  Remember to take it slower at the beginning of the month and add more tasks as the weather cools.

If you would like to learn more about creating a water wise garden, think about calling me at 661-917-3521 or visit my website and contact me there.




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