Farmer’s Markets and Family

Farmer's Market View Port Washington

The last few weeks have been a challenge for me and my family (immediate & extended), my mom had emergency surgery and after her stay in the hospital it became apparent that she needed more than a little help getting home and healthy.  It was scary and it was a blessing.  I have a rewarding and flexible career, an amazing family, and fantastic clients so I was able to “at the drop of a hat” arrange my life and hop on an early morning plane the day after the call.  I landed with enough time to get to mom’s house, get her car, and spring her from the hospital before they kicked her out.

Once I was there I saw how hard the hospital (and the hospital food) had been on her, so I knew I’d have to get to work making her WANT to eat.  My first trip to the Supermarket yielded some decent organic foods including some produce, eggs, and chicken.  We started slow, getting her off soup (which is her fall back) and on to more interesting and solid fare, which her body really needed.  I’m not sure where I saw it, but somehow I found out that Port Washington (my home town) has the only fully organic Farmer’s Market on Long Island! It is at the town dock, so check out the view that you can enjoy while shopping or snacking on a bench.  I was so excited, I could barely wait until Saturday.

Farmer's Market - Peppers

Farmer’s Markets have long been a love of mine and I think that I have passed that love on to my kids.  We often visit local farmer’s markets when we go on trips and certainly any time we plan to cook.  This Farmer’s Market was so much fun – it wasn’t huge but it was WAY different than the Farmer’s Markets I usually find in California.

Farmer's Maket - Baked Goods  Farmer's Market - Italian Style

Here are a few of the fun finds I made. Gorgeous artisan breads – I found both dinner breads and snack breads AND the same vendor also carried fresh, humanely raised goat cheese.  Scored on that one, mom and I both love goat cheese.   Italian Food!  Fresh mozzarella, ravioli, and sauces.  Three meals down!

Amazing apples: I have to say New York, you beat the crap out of California in the apple department.  I tried a variety I never had before and would highly recommend, the Roxbury Russet, yum!

Farmer's Market - Tomatoes and Shallots  Farmer's Market - Squash and Greens

Now for other fun stuff, this Farmers’ Market had some beautiful end of the year tomatoes, lovely shallots, greens, squash, GORGEOUS orange peppers, and even some zucchini.

There was also an interesting fruit they were calling Ground Cherry, I know it better as Cape Gooseberry.  It has a light sweet taste, but looks more like a mini tomatillo.  I didn’t need a whole basket, so I left them at the market for next time.

Farmer's Market - Physalis  Farmer's Market - Pumpkins Plus

They also had a cute assortment of pumpkins and decorator squash … so pretty and yummy too.

I highly recommend taking a break whenever possible and heading to your local Farmer’s Market, you’d be amazed at the inspiration you’ll get for dinner and for your next year’s garden.  If you live in Santa Clarita, there are two Farmer’s Market’s per weekend – one on Saturday in Newhall (great breads, and fermented foods) and another on Sunday in the College of the Canyons parking lot.  The Sunday market has really grown in organic vendors – the best spinach EVER and of course it is getting to be persimmon season, so you’ll have to arm wrestle me for those Fuyu persimmons.  I’m going to both this weekend – we need supplies at home.

If you are interested in creating a winter vegetable garden, in creating a water wise garden, or just changing things up a little think about giving me a call at 661-917-3521 or visit my website and contact me there.




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