Crape Myrtle Care

Crape Myrtle Sky

Many people are updating their gardens to be more drought tolerant, Crape Myrtles can be a beautiful addition to a Mediterranean Garden.  Crape Myrtle Care is not too intensive and considering all the beauty and versatility of this tree, it is certainly a Southern California Keeper.

If you love the colors of a Crape Myrtle but have a lower water garden with more California Natives, make sure that you give them supplemental water.  Maybe try giving them their own bubblers that can be set to run more often than the natives are watered.

Crape Myrtle Petals

Some people feel that Crape Myrtle Care means cleaning up messy blooms, I beg to differ!  If you are planting them in an optimal setting without lawn surrounding them (not like the photo above at a shopping center)  this mess of blooms won’t really bother you.  The pretty blooms will just accent your mulch!  The leaves, well you do need brown for your compost pile, don’t you?

Enjoy these beautiful trees all year round, their gorgeous bark and dainty seed pods will bring structure to your garden even when their flowers are spent and their leaves are long gone.

Crape Myrtle Close Up

If you would like to create a beautiful water wise garden, consider calling me at 661-917-3521. I’d love to collaborate with you, give you guidance, create a design for you – whatever you need.  You can also visit my website and contact me there.




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