Month: March 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration for your Southern California Garden (Beautiful Bonsai – Seattle/Tacoma High Line Garden) If you would like to create the garden of your dreams, think about calling me for help 661-917-3521.  You can also visit my website and contact me there.

Plants that Attract Birds and Butterflies

I love plants that attract birds and butterflies into my garden.  I love having nature all around me, and bringing butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects is important to me and to our earth. I use both beautiful plants and a variety of enticements to bring both birds and butterflies into my garden, and love to […]

Gardening Tasks for March in Southern California

Gardening Tasks for March is fun list to start on!  Not only are there many fun things to do in the garden like planning for new edibles like your warm weather veggies and new fruit trees, you can also spend longer hours outside catching rays, enjoying the lovely breezes and listening to all the birds. […]