Water Wise Plants

May - Yerba Santa Hills

Saving water and water wise plants have been on people’s minds all around Southern California.  I have been thinking about it, and trying to work with more water wise plants for years now and I am very glad that homeowners are starting to notice.  Water wise plants, saving water, and great landscape design can all coexist.  It is just a matter of putting all the pieces together.

There is a lot to learn about water wise plants and water wise gardening, so I thought I’d take another baby step forward with you and share some beautiful native plants that I photographed at Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley.  (I’ll also throw in a few I’ve photographed elsewhere).

Here are some of the highlights from the visit:

Apricot Mallow – Spaheralcea ambigua var ambigua – this is a lovely brightly colored shrub that stays a manageable 3′ x 3′

Natives - Sphaeralcea ambigua - Sun Valley

Angelita Daisy – Tetraneuris acaulis – this is an adorable little member of the aster family.  It blooms for a long portion of the year, is perennial and is about 12″ tall and 15-18″ wide.  A cute little addition for a pop of color.

Natives - Tetraneuris acaulis - Sun Valley

Verbena gooddingii – Pink Verbena  this baby is about 1′ tall and 3′ wide.   I love this family of plants,  it also includes Verbena lilaciana ‘De la Mina’ and Verbena rigida.  It is a great addition to a butterfly garden.

Natives - Verbena gooddingii

Dudleya – this is a big family of succulent perennials – the ones I like best have that white “chalk” on their leaves giving them a ghost like look – that is actually a protective cover, don’t rub it off!  These are best in shade (especially in the valleys).  Great accent plants in a garden or in a container.

April - Dudleya

Eriogonum – California Buckwheat – there are many sizes of buckwheat with flowers ranging from white to pink to yellow.  They are all over our hillsides and are very water wise. The Tatavian Tribe that lived in our area used the dried flowers (they turn brown) as kind of a trail mix, while out hiking and hunting.  Make sure you select one that doesn’t get too big if you have a small garden.

Natives - Eriogonum

Monkey Flower – Mimulus – this is a great perennial it likes dry shade, but the bright orange/yellow native will also take full sun! A wonderful little plant that brings a smile to your face.

March - Mimulus

Last month I wrote an article about fire resistant plants, take a look at it because most of them are native and all are water wise plants.  I’m sure you can pick up a few ideas about how to use them from my ramblings.  You’ll find other water wise plant photos in some of my Wordless Wednesday posts.  A few good (Wordless Wednesday) Natives

If you would like to create a Water Wise Garden paradise please think about calling me to help you design it.   I love to collaborate with my clients, and would love to collaborate with you.  Call me at 661-917-3521 or visit my website and contact me there.




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