Garden Memories

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I have a lot of wonderful garden memories, and I’m sure you do too.  Memories of gardens that I love, of the people I’ve shared them with and also garden memories that involve people that I’ve lost.  Today I am attending a memorial service for a very good friend’s father, so it got me to wondering how can I create wonderful garden memories based on the people and places that I love?

June - Peonies UK

My mind always goes to plants first, there are certain plants that just remind me of people.  Peonies remind me of my Grandma Frances, as do iris and blueberries.

Iris 'Breakers'

Almost any blue plant (so here come the Iris again) remind me of my dad.  Funny thing about that is, I now think that his real favorite color was red.  My sister and I talked about it and we think that  he adopted the favorite color blue because it is Mom’s favorite color and either he loved her so much he wanted to share it with her or perhaps it was just easier to agree with her.

July - Sunflower MM

Sunflowers remind my of my good friend, Candice and they always will.

Jan - Downed Tree

Lush moss covered forest floors remind me of  Marlana – my friend, confidant and partner in crime of the last thirty plus years.  Funny thing is that Yucca also reminds me her and horse back riding in the Hollywood Hills.   I guess that means I can create a garden almost anywhere that will remind me of our friendship!

April - Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas remind me of Mom and home on the east coast and red geraniums remind me of Italy.

Thanks - quartzite

Pathways and stone are also parts of a garden, and they remind me of my Grandpa Willie.  I always think of him as being the force behind the building of my grandparent’s family home, so those flagstone walkways and patio make me think of him.

Joshua Tree

Rocks and boulders make me think about my boys. Hiking in Joshua Tree or the Pacific Northwest with Marlon, Aidan and Loren.    Then there is decomposed granite – the look of it reminds me of hiking Towsley Canyon with the boys – great times outdoors.

Thanks - foothills

Kitschy outdoor furniture reminds me of my rockabilly days, my in-laws and walks down main street Ventura, I’ll need a lot of these to spice up my place!

Garden Details 2

Putting it all together:  I can envision a garden honoring my Father’s and Grandparents’ memories starting with those bones,  I’ll add a few new memories.  Some rocks and boulders for the kids, a little decomposed granite for hiking memories, some great furniture,  and of course that window box of red geraniums so that I can return to Italy whenever I want.

If you would like to create a garden to honor or someone or any other kind of garden paradise please think about calling me to help you with that design!  I love to collaborate with my clients, and I’d love to collaborate with you.   Call me at 661-917-3521 or visit my website and contact me there.





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