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May - Bottlebrush w-hummingbird

Hummingbirds have been on my mind all year,  I think that this is my year of the bird.  I wanted to write a little bit about plants that attract hummingbirds  because I love that we can bring them into our gardens with a little effort.  They add joy to our lives, bring energy, color and harmony to our gardens and they are just so darn cute!

A few weeks ago we found that our mother humming bird had returned to her original spot to build a nest in the ficus tree in a container at our doorstep.  During incubation, we came in and out through the side gate entering our home from our back door.  It was a small price to pay to be able to see and hear these little cuties, that just hatched last Sunday.  The mom seems to leave early in the morning and return in the evening, so we have a little more access to the babies and even our front door.  (No one is allowed to use it after dark) thank you boys, for putting up with your bird crazy wife/mother.

Hummingbird babies bornJust born! Hummingbird babies 6 daysSix days old

I have always loved welcoming nature into the garden, so butterflies, and even yes bees are very very welcome in my garden. They are beautiful insects and we need them both to live life here on this earth. There are many plants that you can use to welcome nature into your garden, so I’ll provide you with a few lists, the links you find will be to articles that I’ve written for some of those plants.

Hummingbird attracting annuals, perennials, & vines:

Agastache (Hummingbird Weed), Aloe, Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily), Anigozanthus (Kangaroo Paw), Columbine, Chasmanthe, Clarkia, Crocosmia, Dicliptera, Hesperaloe, Heuchera (Coral Bells), Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker), Leonotis (Lion’s Tail), Lobelia (red), Lupinus (Lupine), Mimulus (Monkeyflower) , Penstemon, Phygelius, Pelargonium, Salvia (many), Veronica (Speedwell), Zauschneria (California Fuchsia), CAmpsi (Trumpet creeper), Lonicera (Honeysuckle), Tecoma capensis (Cape Honeysuckle).  There are more shrubs such as Calistemon (Dwarf Bottlebrush) Arbutus uenedo and Arctostaphylos – but the list would just get way too long.

June - Buddleija w-Swallowtail

Butterfly attracting plants:

Achillea (Yarrow), Alcea rosea (Hollyhock),  Aster, Eriogonum (California Buckwheat), Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel), Helianthus, Lupinus, Mimulus, Monarda (Coyote mint), Penstemon, Veronica.


Butterfly larvae attracting plants:

Asclepias (Butterfly Weed), Fragaria, Humulus lupulus (hops), Passiflora (Passionflower vine), Wisteria

Bee on Salvia

Bee attracting plants:

Agastache, Aster,  Bidens, Borago officinalis (Borage), Caryopteris x clandonensis, Ceanothus (California Lilac), Citrus, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Echinacea (Coneflower), Echium (Pride of Madera), Eriogonum, Eryngium, Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy), Helianthus, Hyssopus, Lavandula, Ligustrum, Mentha spicata, Monardella (Bee Balm), Nepeta (Cat Mint), Origanum (Oregano), Perovskia (Russian Sage), Phacelia, Rosmariunus officinalis (Rosemary), Rudbeckia hirta (Blackeyed Susan), Salvia (some), Sedum, Thymus (thyme)

I have mostly just listed perennials (a few annuals) some vines and some shrubs, there are many more to select from, I hope you’ll  take a little time to think about the plants that you have, and perhaps add one or two to from these lists to welcome our friends.

If you would like more information about bring nature into your garden, please give me a call at 661-917-3521 or visit my website and contact me there.  Working with a partner in your garden, will help you create a wonderful sanctuary that is tailored to your lifestyle, your personality, and your love of nature.




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