Month: March 2014

Iris Care

Iris Care.  Today one of my clients asked me how she should take care of one of the Iris ‘Nada’ that I planted in her shade garden, so it got me to thinking that since my Irises were starting to bloom up a storm that it was time to remind you all about Iris Care. […]

Wordless Wednesday – The Classics

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration for Your Southern California Garden Garden Design, plant consultation, or hardscape discussion we can share them all! I love collaborating with my clients to help them create the garden of their dreams. You will be amazed at what you can do when you have a partner in horticultural crime. Give me a […]

Drought Tolerant Plants & Design

Drought Tolerant Plants are on the lips of many a gardener and many a politician in Southern California.   Today I will be offering a Complimentary Seminar  – Drought Tolerant Garden Design at Green Thumb Newhall on Newhall Avenue. I will be talking about irrigation, permeable hardscape materials, the types of gardens that lend themselves to […]

Wordless Wednesday – Drought Tolerant

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration for Your Southern California Garden This coming Saturday March 22, 2014 I will be at Green Thumb presenting a Complimentary Seminar during Green Thumb’s Spring Open House. I’ll be speaking about Drought Tolerant Gardens. My seminar starts at 10 am and will be staying around till about noon to walk the nursery […]

A Vegetable Garden in Santa Clarita

This is a great time to start your vegetable garden in Santa Clarita and most of Southern California.  I’m speaking today to the Holistic Mom’s Network about Organic Gardening,  so I’m going to link my Vegetable Garden Posts here so there is plenty of information at your fingertips and the fingertips of the moms I’m […]

What To Do In Your Southern California Garden in March

March Gardening for Southern California, here is a list of what to do in your Southern California Garden in March 1.  Fertilizing – By the end of the month you should be able to start your plants on their regular fertilizing schedule. Citrus, avocados, hibiscus, and bauhinia to name a few love a low nitrogen […]

Wordless Wednesday – Clouds

Wordless Wednesday inspiration for Southern California Gardens If clouds and  inspire you, and  you want to enjoy that kind of timeless beauty in your garden – sharing the chore with a designer you connect with can help.  I love collaborating with my clients to create the garden of their dreams.  You can call me at […]

Rain In LA

Rain in LA!  We are finally getting some rain in the Los Angeles area, so I wanted to remind you to turn off your irrigation.  Even if you live in Santa Clarita and you have a WBIC.  If you don’t have it on Auto right now you might want to make sure that it is […]