Garden Design – The Devil Is In The Details

Ojai VW Bus

What does a VW Bus have to do with Garden Design you say?  Inspiration that’s what.   The difference between a nice garden and a beautiful comfortable garden tailored to you is inspiration.  Inspiration comes in especially handy when it comes to details and details make or break a garden.  Details of plant layout, details of hardscape layout, details of garden ornaments and furniture it is all important and although it may seem overwhelming it is not.   This VW bus is emblematic of Southern California and inspirational to me visiting the heart of the vortex of Ojai.

You have to start with a plan,  and what better way to formulate a plan than to look at the beauty all around you – or not so around you.  I find one of the best ways to become inspired it to go on a road trip, near or far it doesn’t matter just get out there and have fun!  Recently my husband and I took a trip to Ojai to celebrate our anniversary.  It was so much fun to introduce him to little shops that I love, fun restaurants, a cool coffee shop and some metaphysical spaces.

It seems like everywhere I go, there is Ganesha – I’m very glad, as he is the remover of all obstacles and who couldn’t use that in their corner!

Garden Details 4

There was quite a lot of amazing outdoor furniture and little odds and ends.   Small hammocks, pillows, wind chimes.

Garden Details 5

This beautiful piece is one of my favorites,  I think the airstream trailer sets off the ambiance of the seating.  I wish I had more room in my garden, I’d take both.

Garden Details 2

If you’ve read my posts, you know that I love living walls – take a look at this beauty!

Ojai Living Wall

I’m hoping to get the design for a Spanish Style backyard that I wrote a proposal for earlier in the year, do you think these tiles might spark a conversation?

Garden Details 6

And there is always more outdoor seating to be found.

Garden Details  Garden Details 3

And for that special client, we can custom build seating – some of you will recognize this from Soul Centered on Montgomery Street in Ojai – a must visit if you love crystals, candles, books and more.

Garden Details 7

If you are interested in creating a beautiful sanctuary with YOU in the center, you need to step out of your own backyard and find a little inspiration.   My suggestion is to take a little trip; enjoy yourself, relax, and start collecting ideas and inspiration.  You’ll have fun and when you are ready to plan your garden, it will come naturally.  You’ll only need a little help some direction and maybe a partner in horticultural crime – because it will already be right inside of your own mind.

Garden Design, plant consultation, or hardscape discussion we can share them all! I love collaborating with my clients to help them create the garden of their dreams. You will be amazed at what you can do when you have a partner in horticultural crime. Give me a call at 661-917-3521 or visit my website and contact me there.






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