Garden Design Facelift

Butchart - Japanese creek

If you are in the mood to change just a little in your garden, here are some simple steps to help you create the garden you deserve. With the following simple steps you can begin your Garden Design Facelift, and continue it one space at a time.

Before you begin your garden Facelift, cull through websites (I suggest or Pinterest and flag photos of rooms that inspire you.) Create a file. You will soon see that there are repeat elements and styles involved. Your personality is starting to come through.

Step One: Plan of attack: Select the area that you are going to start on. By taking an area or bed at a time you will ensure that your goal will be accomplished. Sort through your photos and begin to edit them down. Make a list of all the elements you want to include in your space. The ones that don’t make the cut are gone. Make a sketch of what belongs where. Time to demo the area – this is clean up time. Step Two:

ZL - B4

Step Two: Start demo, if your area has a lot of overgrown spots, poor drainage, inadequate drainage – fix that now. You will be amazed at how much the clean up alone changes things. Sit in your space and vibe in to the elements you want and where you will place them in your newly cleared space. Start locating the items you need – plants, accessories and more.

LZ - accessories  Butchart Crocosmia - Cheetos style

Step Three: Planting and placement. Make sure you have the help of someone that really knows what they are doing, so that you have the plants and features in the right areas. Flow, harmony, and unity are very important for your design. Sun exposure, water requirements and care needs are equally important – for your plants. Live with your creation for a season, add new plants each season to build up a year round garden area.

ZL - after

Now that you’ve tackled your first space you will have the confidence to move on to the next one and soon  have the garden of your dreams.

If this seems daunting or you just want a partner in crime – think about calling me in to help you design a space, a yard, a garden, or your whole property! I have a great team I’ve put together and I’d love to help you design the garden sanctuary of your dreams! Call me at 661-917-3.521 or visit my website and contact me there.





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