Potted – A wonderful Outdoor Living store in Los Angeles

I’m not sure when or where I first heard about Potted a wonderful gem of a store in Atwater Village in Los Angeles but I have wanted to visit right from the start. I finally had an opportunity last week and I am so happy that I did.

The store is located on Los Feliz in the Atwater Village which is very quaint with a lot of other interesting shops and restaurants. It certainly fits there – they have a wonderful selections of pottery, furniture, books, and accessories and if you like to decorate (both indoors and out) you will be right at home in this shop.

Owners Annette Goliti Gutierrez and Mary Gray were both there when I visited and I could clearly see that they love what they do! They envisioned the store to attract design-loving homeowners and I think they have succeeded. The store has two interior and one exterior space and they are packed full of wonderful items.

The main store area carries beautiful outdoor rugs, furniture, finials, books (including some of my favorites – great minds think alike), accessories, hand creams, and the cutest little garden gnome candles that of course had to go home with me.

The store also has some very beautiful moss aquariums that you really must see. The pottery is mostly housed outside in what I’ll call the courtyard. As you walk through be sure to enjoy the beautiful vignettes the ladies have created for you.

Mary & Annette’s eclectic selection starts with beautiful pottery and plants which you can purchase to take home and decorate with, or you can do some potting right there in the store. As I wandered through the pottery toward the back I stopped here and there thinking wonderful combinations of plants to go with each color of pot, then I stepped into a little back room off the courtyard and… WOW! the most awesomest (I know that’s not a word) potting set up EVER! I could just live in that room.

They have nice selection of potting tools very artistically showcased.

I also have to mention that they also have a living wall in their courtyard area. If you have ever heard of Wooly pockets but not seen them in person, you can see one and understand how you can really add to your garden by thinking vertically!

So, next time you are looking for a day in LA that is a little different and you want to brighten up your house, or buy a gift for a friend – stop by Potted which is located at 3158 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90039 • (323)-665-3801 they are open Mon – Sat 10-6 and Sun 10-5. Tell them Julie sent you.

You can also visit them online, they have a lot of great information and you can shop too!

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