Autumn Plants & Planting

I know I should be writing about care of a plant this week, but it’s hot and I’m tired and well… I just don’t feel like thinking about maintenance today. I’d rather talk about some fun autumn plants and maybe I’ll tell you how to take care of one or two.

What I like about Autumn plants and Autumn planting:

  • Autumn plants give you an extra pop of color. What a relief after it’s been hot and crackly looking all around you. It feels like it’s never going to end, the hills look burnt (and sometimes they are burning), which makes you feel even hotter then… the cool.

  • To achieve your year round California Garden (or anywhere for that matter) it is a great time to take advantage of some of the plants that you couldn’t get when you planted in March.

So let’s think about adding Caryopteris, Helenium, Asters and Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ or ‘Brilliant’. The sedum bloom in both spring and autumn and all you have to do is cut them way back after they bloom and let them come back up again – purdy as ever. That’s low maintenance!

If you want to buy some, you can try your local nursery, however my favorite place to buy the sedum family is Worldwide Exotics in Lakeview Terrace, CA. Their Asters are in awesome bloom right now too; pair the dark purple one with a pretty yellow coreopsis or blanket flower and you will have a spectacular accent. Tell Sara, Shelly and Ken that Julie sent you!

  • Planting as it cools off during autumn will allow your plants to adapt easily and grow quickly. We are lucky enough to really have two planting seasons (and plenty of fudging in between). Don’t waste your cooler days (when they come).

  • My favorite planting times for ground covers are March and October, they establish well and really grow vigorously. Take advantage of October by planning now in September! One of my fav clients and I have a date for ground covering in October – make your own date and keep it.

  • Fall Splendor, think of all the decorating opportunities you have. Fresh harvested from your garden, purchased from the Farmer’s Market or local floral shop, there are endless opportunities to spruce your home.

    If you are interested in learning more about Fall Harvest Decorating and sprucing your home up both inside and out, please plan to attend next week’s Complimentary Seminar at Green Thumb in Newhall. Here are the details:

Tami Smight, Interior Designer & Julie Molinare, Landscape Designer
September 17, 2011 – 10 am – 12 noon at Green Thumb Nursery 23734 Newhall Avenue. Newhall, CA. 91321

We will present fall harvest inspired design elements to enhance your garden and celebrate the splendor of fall. With proper planning, you will enjoy the fall garden decor through the December holidays.

You don’t want to miss this event!
Send an email to: [email protected] with your name and code GB917. We’d love to see you there!

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