Month: April 2011

How To Care For Wisteria

Wisteria is a beautiful deciduous twining vine with beautiful fluffy lavender, pink or white cascading blossoms that can add to a pergola or arbor. Wisteria is quite vigorous and may grow 10 feet in one year so they could easily overwhelm the structures and plants around it. That means that if you want one, you […]

Four Life Skills I Learned In The Garden

Recently I spoke to a group of amazing entrepreneurial women; I was asked to speak about my business and myself. As I began writing I realized that although I am used to speaking to people about gardening, plants, and design. I wasn’t sure how to share for business people. Then it came to me, the […]

What To Do In Your Southern California Garden In April

April started out with a real bang! These hot days make me realize that it’s time to start doing some real planning and sprucing in our gardens. Here is the link to last year’s April Reminders – I updated a few things to make the dates right, but please don’t go to Whole Foods to […]