Month: September 2010

How To Protect Your Plants From The Wind

Wind can adversely affect your plants in many ways and wind damage can take many forms. Broken branches and toppled trees are the most noteworthy effects and are often the topic of news broadcasts during windy spells. Other less noticeable types of damage include dried out soil, sprinkler overspray, and the loss of young plants. […]

Happy Birthday Dad!

On our family visit to the Japanese Gardens in San Francisco Thank you Dad for sharing our love of gardens, the outdoors and everything that we drag you to. I know it wasn’t always your first choice, but you’ve always been a great sport and all of us love sharing these great places and plants […]

What To Do In Your Southern California Garden in September

Labor Day in Southern California, so that means the Santa Clarita Valley only has another two months of summer! I shouldn’t complain (but what fun would THAT be) because it’s really been a fairly mild summer – we have not had the prolonged bouts of 115-degree weather, but it has gotten pretty warm some weeks. […]