Month: March 2010

LaurieAnn’s Birthday Post

In honor of my sister’s birthday (won’t tell you which one, but it’s less than mine… she’s the baby) I decided to post photos of her favorite plant. So I posed the question to her, “What is your favorite flower or plant?” and in her usual shy, reserved manner, because she has absolutely no opinion […]


Spring can mean many things to many people, to me it is an awakening, a return of life of the sun and it’s warmth. Springtime has been upon us in Southern California, but for many parts of the country it is just now beginning. This song embodies for me, the feeling that I get when […]

March In The Garden – Southern California

As promised, some reminders for you. Here are the things you should be doing in your garden this month. Get ahead of the bugs by hand-picking, spraying with organic insect controls or using appropriate beneficial insects. You can now begin your regular fertilizing schedule citrus, avocados, bauhinia, oleander and hibiscus need an organic low-nitrogen plant […]

How To Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration for any type of art can be elusive, and continually finding inspiration for you and for others can be even more daunting. Being a Landscape Designer that likes to give each client an individually designed landscape is important to me, so I must continually search out inspiration. Taking yourself out of your day-to-day […]